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Collect more.... spend less

Business Revenue Systems, Inc was established in 1982. We take the time to identify your individual needs and will customize a collection program that increases your bottom line. We take pride in our effective collection techniques that are designed to maximize results without compromising the integrity of our client or the dignity of the consumer. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations ensures you a higher standard of customer service. It is our job to make your job easier and we take our job seriously. We are ... 

Your Total Collection Solution.

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Director of Client Relations

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Chief Services Officer

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"Our collection results combined with the courtesy and respect extended to our patients continuously reassures me that Business Revenue Systems is the collection agency for us!  We always get money back and all interactions are handled in a respectful manner.  I never hesitate to direct a patient to Business Revenue!"


Billing Office Manager

West Des Moines, Iowa

"Our Organization had a problem with collections as we are a radiology group and each account could be anywhere from $10 to $1,000. Other collection agencies did nothing for us because they were busy chasing big hospital accounts on commission. We were stuck not knowing what to do and watching all of our self-pay money go down the drain. We happened upon BRS by accident. We asked a Rep. from our billing software company what we should do and they recommended BRS. They are the best vendor relationship I have because of the service and results! Do yourself and your bottom line a favor by asking what they can do for you."


Director of Systems & Process Improvement
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"We have been a client of BRS since 2001 and have been very pleased with their services. The staff is always courteous and efficient, and quick to respond to any questions we may have. We would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for help collecting payments."


Office Manager

Stanton, Virginia

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